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*✧Tattoo FAQ✧*

How do I book a tattoo appointment?


To make this process as easy as possible I’ve created a tattoo request form for you to fill in! This provides me with all the info I need to get the ball rolling on your new tattoo! You'll be contacted within 5-7 days via email.



How much do you charge/what is your hourly rate?

I price and quote per design. I take into account tattoo time, skill, details, and design hours involved.
My minimum is $200. I do not have an strict hourly rate.

How do I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Whether it’s your very first tattoo or your 50th here are the things I recommend to best prepare for your appointment.
Make sure to have a good nights rest. Do not consume alcohol at least 24 hours before your appointment time. Have a decent meal a couple of hours before your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing that’s appropriate for the area i.e: clothing that you don’t mind getting ink or blood on and something which allows for easy access to the location you want your tattoo. We have screens and covering supplies available to make you more comfortable. If you’re unsure about this feel free to send me an email beforehand and I'm happy to provide specific recommendations and details. 
Most importantly, please make sure you are in full health! If you are feeling unwell at all please let me know with as much notice as possible so we can rebook you.


Is there anything you won't tattoo?

Yes. I do not tattoo people under the age of 18, even with parent/guardian consent. 
I do not tattoo any hateful, racist, or gang-affiliated imagery but I can have a chat with you if you’ve got some you’d like covered up. 
I don’t do white ink only or UV ink tattoos. I also generally don’t tattoo subjects or images that I feel are out of my artistic style (i.e. realism, fine line, geometric) however I know a lot of lovely tattooists who I can happily refer you to for these.


When will I see my design and can I request changes?

I try to send designs out roughly 2 days before our appointment. I find this is enough time for me to make any minor changes however if there are any major re-draws or a total idea change you will be charged a drawing fee and we may need to reschedule your appointment. If you let me know with over a weeks notice there won’t be a charge for an idea change but if your new idea falls outside of your allocated booking time we might need to reschedule.


Where are you located?

I'm happily working at The Fox’s Mark, Auckland New Zealand.
145 Target Road, Wairau, North Shore, Auckland


Is the studio accessible for people with disabilities i.e: wheelchair use?

Unfortunately, we are on the second floor with only staircase access that might not be appropriate for all. However I have a close relationship with TillDeath Tattoo, based in New Market, who are on ground level with easy access. So please let me know if this is an issue for you and I can enquire to tattoo you in their studio depending on their artists' schedules. If you inform me of your needs at the time of booking I will do my best to accomodate these :)


Can I bring a friend/support person?

There is usually space to bring a single support person to your appointment. The studio space is limited so please check with me beforehand in case there are any issues.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. A minimum of $50 is required to make a booking which can be paid directly to the studio via bank transfer (I will provide these details when offering you an appointment date). This has to be paid within 3 days of being offered a date otherwise you risk losing that appointment time. If we are doing a large-scale piece over multiple sessions your deposit will be carried over to the last appointments/upon completion of the tattoo. Deposits are strictly non-refundable.


What types of payment do you accept?

Full payment is required at the end of each session. Eftpos payment is preferred however we do accept cash and credit card (with a 3% surcharge)


Do you have gift vouchers?

Tattoo vouchers can be purchased via email


I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment how do I do this?

If you need to cancel/reschedule please give me at least 3 days notice otherwise you will forfeit your deposit. You will need to pay another deposit to reschedule.


Do you travel/do guest spots?

It’s been tricky to coordinate travel around my other commitments and the overall state of the world at the moment. I do try to do NZ guest spots/conventions a few times a year when I can :) Ideally, I would love to do international travel and work if the opportunity arose.

Can I get tattooed if I am pregnant, breastfeeding or if I have an illness/medical condition?

I will not tattoo you if you are knowingly pregnant or breastfeeding at all. If you have a serve medical condition or one which could affect the safety and healing of your tattoo, I will only tattoo you if you have approval from your doctor. Feel free to email me with any further questions on this.

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