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*✧Chibi Rach✧*




Hi there! I'm Chibi Rach, full-time tattooer, artist & designer behind the creations you'll find on this site. Currently based out of Auckland, New Zealand, I've been a curious and artistic spirit since a young age. I've always dreamed of bringing happiness and light to the world through art in all its wonderful forms.

I obtained qualifications in advanced graphic design, digital media and even a degree in applied science, before starting my tattoo journey in late 2018 marking the beginning of Chibi Rach. 

My tattoos are full of bold lines, vibrant colours with lots of sparkles and love! I enjoy exploring cute subject matter that makes people smile. I also love pop culture related designs that express my clients' interests and connection to their favourite media, characters, and moments through my artist lens. My style is primarily influenced by Japanese kawaii culture, fantasy, and finding happiness in everyday life.

I bring all of this to the products I design and create to offer a slightly less permanent option for all to enjoy!

Thank you for allowing me to bring my art to life through your love and support

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